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Ammonia Block is a unique premium-grade ammonia removal media. It eradicates poisonous ammonia infinitely quicker than any other product on the market lasting up to 12 weeks. 

Our round PODS are a unique Aquatic application manufactured by RP Aquatics, allowing unrestricted flow within the canister filter which is vital for the bacteria Population.


  • Safe Start your Aquarium
  • Removes Ammonia Spikes
  • Peace of mind whilst on holiday
  • Can last up to 12 weeks
  • Quick Start a Quarintine Tank
  • Can be used in conjunction with our other products
  • Suitable for all water parameters.
  • Resin Products Ammonia Block eradicates poisonous ammonia infinitely quicker than other products on the market. It removes all ammonia and ammonium from aquariums within 4 hours. New aquariums can be fully stocked once set up without the fear of an ammonia spike or loosing fish. Each pack contains 3 x 100g pods, sufficient for up to 600 litres of water and suitable for use in both tropical and coldwater aquariums.

    Resin Products Ammonia Block Pods contain unique premium-grade ammonia removal media unique to RP Aquatics. The Pods unique round design allows unrestricted flow within canister filters which is vital for the Bacteria Population. Simply add the correct number of Pods to your canister filter dependant on the water volume and Ammonia Block will create an ammonia free environment for your fish to thrive.

    Resin Products Ammonia Block Application:
    - 1 Pod - 25-200 Litres
    - 2 Pods - 150-350 Litres
    - 3 Pods - 350-600 litres


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