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Manaus Bilocil Sensitive

Bilocil Sensitive of the brand Manaus is a very effective medicine against skin flukes and gill flukes and tapeworms at sensitive fish such as L-numbers (Loricariidae), Panser Catfish (Corydoras) and very young fish in ornamental fish farming. This product is also the most suitable medication for the treatment of community aquariums with many different fish species. All shrimps tolerate the medicine well.

Bilocil does not discolor the aquarium water.

 How do I know my fish is sick?

Making the correct diagnosis is often the success for a quick healing. Many fish diseases are highly contagious and spread quickly in the aquarium water. It is therefore very important that you can treat the fish quickly. There are mostly early signs to warn you if something is not okay with your fish, only you have to recognize them.

Skin: the skin is the first protection and defense system and shows usually also the first signs of a disease or deficiency due to an infection. You should keep a close eye on any discoloration.

Fins: pay attention to the fins. When the fish keeps his fins close to the body than this is often an indication of a disease or deficiency. Especially with viviparous fish.

Swimming behavior: Unusual swimming or wiggling behavior can be characteristic for the presence of a disease.

Symptoms worms:

Indications of an infestation with parasites such as skin or gill flukes are, for example:

– Rubbing against objects or on the bottom cover of the aquarium
– Unilateral breathing (only one gill cover moves)
– Spitting of the mouth or human-like yawning movement
– No appetite
– Lose weight
– Pinch the fins
– Startled

When recognizing the above symptoms, it is important to treat the fish quickly, so that further weakening of the animals by the parasites is prevented. If possible, confirm the diagnosis with the aid of a microscopic examination.

Which fish can I treat with Bilocil Sensitive?

– Tropical fish like Loricariidae, Corydoras
– Discus fish
– Shrimps

How do I use Bilocil Sensitive?

– For gill flukes (Dactylogyrus sp.) and intestinal worms such as tapeworms and flukes (Cestodes and digene trematodes), the following dosage applies:
1st day: Waterchange 50% before starting the treatment, 1 ml per 20 liters of aquarium water.
3rd day: 1ml per 20 liters of aquarium water.
5th day: 1ml per 20 liters of aquarium water.
After 7 days the treatment is complete, big waterchange of minimum 50%. It is not necessary to do water changes between treatment days.

– For skin worms (Gyrodactylus sp.) a single treatment with Bilocil Sensitive is sufficient. In this case you should dose as follows:
1st day: Waterchange 50% before starting the treatment, 1 ml per 20 liters of aquarium water.
A water change may take place from the 2nd day after the treatment.


The aquarium filter must be switched on during the treatment. In addition, it is important that there is good circulation of the water in the aquarium by means of air stones. Also let the filter outlet ensure optimal movement of the water surface so that the medicines are optimally distributed throughout the aquarium.

* Read leaflet before use.

** During the treatment, no active filter media (such as activated carbon, nitrate resin, etc.) may be used in the filter. This is to prevent the medicines from being filtered out of the aquarium.

If there is cloudiness during the treatment of the aquarium water due to bacterial blooms and a related lack of oxygen, the treatment should be interrupted by a major water change of 80%.

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