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Use Cypricil to actively fight diseases among aquarium fish such as goldfish and other aquarium fish living in cold water. Treats skin and gill flukes and prevents further infection. Cypricil targets the pathogens trematodes and cestodes at the source.

Cypricil is a specially developed remedy, which works well in a cold water aquarium. Wounds made by aquarium fish in cold water do not heal as well or as quickly, but the composition of Cypricil solves this problem. In addition, Cypricil does not discolour the aquarium water or make it cloudy. Cypricil does not contain polymeric solvents.

    Cures aquarium fish such as goldfish that live in cold aquarium water
    Treats skin and gill flukes
    Targets pathogens trematodes and cestodes at source
    Specially formulated remedy for faster and better healing of cold water wounds
    Does not discolour or muddy the aquarium water
    Contains no polymeric solvents
    Builds on the success of Bilocil

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