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Large hole rock for young L catfish or shrimps available in 2 colours

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Large Hole Rock Juvenile Fish Rock Shrimp Rock Clay

Different column shapes arranged in horizontal and vertical alignment – every animal will find its favourite place here.

Suitable e.g. for all young L catfish or for shrimps.

We use stoneware clay for the production of our clay articles, which can be highly fired and contains a varying proportion of fireclay depending on the product.

On the one hand, this makes our caves very stable and durable. On the other hand, the surfaces are never completely smooth, which provides an excellent basis for surface growth, which in turn is very readily grazed by the catfish.

These are hand-shaped individual pieces, which means that each piece is truly unique!

Therefore, the size also varies somewhat, approx. 18-22 x 10-14 x 3-5 cm.

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