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Manaus-Aquarium EXOSAL® against most infectious diseases in ornamental fish in freshwater and marine aquariums.

Composition of active Ingredients in mg per ml:
Ethacridine lactate 3,00 mg, Methythioniniumchloride 2,20 mg, Proflavine 0,75 mg, Acriflaviniumchloride 0,75 mg, Methylorange 0, 18 mg, 1,2-Propandiol, Water.


EXOSAL® is effective against problems of fish which are caused by parasites, bacteria and fungi. EXOSAL® treats parasitic problems caused by protozoa like for example Ichthyophthirius multifilis, Chilodonella or Ichthyobodo necator, bacterial problems like Columnaris and fungal problems like Saprolegnia or Achlya. For animal (ornamental fish) treatment only.

Route of administration: solution for adding to freshwater and saltwater aquarium.

Symptoms: Symptoms of problems caused by parasites, bacteria or fungi on the skin are scratching against walls, decoration or the aquarium gravel. Further signs are slimy spots on the skin, wounds, finrot or the loss of scales. Also bulging eyes (Exophthalmos) and swelling of the abdomen (Ascites) are visible symptoms. In general, fish stop eating, clamp their fins together, are easily startled and hover in one spot swaying. If possible, a microscopic examination should be performed to confirm the findings.

EXOSAL® is well tolerated by all fish. EXOSAL® is not tolerated by invertebrates. Before treating with EXOSAL®, shrimps, snails and mussels must be removed from the aquarium.

Interactions with other treatments and other forms of interaction:
EXOSAL® should not be used in combination with other products. If your fish have been treated with other products or treatments beforehand, then a major water change must be undertaken before treatment. During treatment, UV lamps must always be turned off and oxidators removed (hydrogen peroxide). Whilst treating the aquarium with EXOSAL® no active filter agents (e.g.: activated carbon, phosphate remover, etc.) may be used in the filter in order to prevent reactions with bonded contaminants. lon-exchangers (e.g. for removing nitrates, etc.) must be removed from the water circulation system of the aquarium during treatment with EXOSAL®.

Dosage and application:
During treatment, the filter of the aquarium must be switched on and a good extra circulation and oxygenation of the water in the tank must be ensured through air stones. Let the filter outlet provide optimal movement of the water surface so that the product can be optimally distributed throughout the aquarium. It is important that you give the right dose of EXOSAL®, to do this you need to know the precise size of your aquarium. For a rectangular tank the following applies: height(cm) x width(cm) x depth(cm)/1000 = litre
The size of the tank being treated should not be less than 40 litres in volume and not greater than 1000 litres. EXOSAL® frees your fish from parasites within hours. To ensure that your fish stay free, the developing pathogens must be destroyed in order to interrupt the reproductive chain, also in the days after the first treatment. For this reason, EXOSAL® must be applied several times. Use the measuring cup contained in the EXOSAL® pack and distribute the product well by stirring on the surface.

With the following dosages and the water changes in between, you treat your fish properly:
1. Day: 2 ml/100L aquarium water
2. Day: 1 ml/100L aquarium water
3. Day: no dose but change 50% of the water!
4./5./6. Day: no dosage of!
7. Day: 2 ml/100L aquarium water
8. Day: no dosage but change 50% of the water!

EXOSAL® has a strong effect and, as with any product, the recommended dose should not be exceeded. Weakened animals may react more
sensitively. After a successful treatment with EXOSAL® it is recommended to add DIPLORAL to the aquarium water of the fish for several
weeks, in order to add missing minerals to the organs and tissues of the fish.

Contraindications and side-effects:
EXOSAL® is a new product and is well tolerated. There are no known side effects, The fish keeper
is encouraged to inform the manufacturer of any so far unknown side effect.
Storage instructions and disposal advice:
Store in the original packaging and protect from light and heat, also store in a frost-free location. Any unused product must be destroyed in accordance with the local regulations.
Treatment for ornamental fish only. Keep out of reach of children The treatment must not be used after the expiry date. EXOSAL® may stain if spilt. Shelf life after the immediate packaging has been opened for the first time: 12 months.

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