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Aquarium Level Middle - Bottom
Water Type Freshwater
Scientific Name Crossocheilus siamensis, Epalzeorhynchos siamensis, Epalzeorhynchus siamensis
Country of Origin Cambodia Laos Malaysia and Thailand
Temperament Peaceful
Max Size 16cm (6.3")
Temperature 24-27°C
pH 5.5-7.5
The Siamese algae-eater, also known as the Siamese flying fox or SAE, is, as the name suggests, a fantastic algae-eating addition to moderately sized mature aquaria.
This species is best maintained either singly or in groups of 5 or more of its own kind. Smaller sized groups may result in territorial squabbling. Not only do these fish have a striking appearance, but they will enjoy browsing on many types of nuisance algae, including hair or black-brush algae which most other fish will not touch. As detailed below, the diet must be supplemented with other foods including a good vegetable component. The aquarium itself must be long in order to give these active fish adequate swimming space. The tank should have tight fitting coverslides as this species is known to jump. The water should be well-filtered and a good flow rate provided in order to simulate the clear fast-flowing highly-oxygenated streams this fish originates from. Most plants can be kept safely with this species, so the tank can be well planted along the sides and back. If plants do appear to start being eaten then it is likely to be down to one of three things: Firstly, ensure that your fish have been correctly identified. Secondly, make sure that your fish are receiving a good amount of vegetable matter in their diet. And thirdly, check that the plant munching is not being carried out by another species within the same aquarium. Siamese algae-eaters will be seen browsing on the leaves of plants, but this is for algae removal purposes only, and they will not usually consume or damage the leaves themselves. A smooth sand substrate, bogwood and flat stones/cobbles will all help to create that river bed effect. Strong lighting should be used to encourage algae and which will also promote good plant growth. As these fish are of a peaceful disposition, they make great companions for many other fish, such as barbs, Rasboras, loaches, rainbowfish, and some of the larger tetra species. However, it is best to avoid close relatives/similar looking species (discussed below in more detail) and members of the Epalzeorhynchus genus (e.g. Ruby or Red Tailed Black Sharks). It is also worth bearing in mind that their active and sudden darting behaviour may alarm shy or nervous fish species.

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