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hw protavit the broad-spectrum care product for freshwater aquariums. Protects the mucous membranes of the animals and thus reduces the possible risk of infection in case of injuries. Free pollutants in the aquarium water are reliably bound. hw protavit has a purely biological structure and replaces the colloids present in natural waters. hw protavit immediately turns fresh tap water into usable aquarium water. The active ingredients contained in hw protavit reliably bind the metal compound

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Natural protective colloids for all freshwater aquariums Natural and biologically water environments always contain colloidal solutions. The active substances of this colloidal solutions are indispensable for the organism and for the mucous membrane of the body surface of the fishes and also binds respective neutralizes potential pollutants in the aquatic environment. In the artificial environment of a freshly filled aquarium the natural protective colloids are completely missing and will be build up only very slowly. During this time the freshly filled aquarium is rarely a nature like and healthy environment for fishes, crabs and plants. Unexpectedly death of previously perfectly healthy animals is often the result and also one of the most common causes of initial losses in newly installed aquariums. Increasing mortality after a major partial water change is often associated with the reduction in the concentration of previously present protective colloids. Specially for fishes the protective colloids are of high importance as they are indispensable to build up the protective mucous membrane which surrounds the entire fish body. If this mucous membrane is damaged the risk of possible infections, inflammations and fungal infections raises up significantly. In such cases hw-protavit® enables a rapid new formation of the mucous membrane and restores the protection against possible pathogens. hw-protavit® is therefore particularly recommended if new fishes are placed I the aquarium as the protective mucous membrane of these animals has been severely damaged through catching and transport. hw-protavit contains special protective colloids able convert tap water into suitable aquarium water for fishes and plants. Reduces the stress factors and the risk of infection during new installations and water changes. Tap water contains many substances which makes it more suitable for human consumption, but these substances are in many cases particularly harmful to fishes, plants and microorganisms in your aquarium. hw-protavit reliably removes these substances and convert tap water into ideal, clear aquarium water for fishes and plants. The biological equilibrium in the aquarium system will be supported, becoming much more stable, enabling fishes and plants to show their full colors. hw-protavit has a purely biological structure and replaces the colloids found in natural waters. hw-protavit converts fresh tap water into directly usable aquarium water. The active components contained in hw-protavit reliably binds possible chemical metal compounds which are mostly present in tap water and are harmful to fish and plants. Chlorine and phenols that may be contained in tap water are also bound and removed from the aquarium water. Application and dosage: When setting up a freshwater aquarium and when changing water, add 5 ml hw-protavit® per 10 liters of aquarium water or change water. For mucosal injuries and to reduce stress syndromes: Add an additional 2.5 ml of hw-protavit® per 10 liters of aquarium water to the normal dosage. In the event of mucosal injuries, this causes the affected areas to regenerate quickly, thereby reducing the risk of subsequent infections. Possible irritation of the gill surface is also reduced, irritants are trapped in front of the tissue and the stress factors caused by it are reduced. In the case of acute injuries, as a supportive measure, we recommend switching off the lighting in the aquarium for the next 12-14 hours and thus creating an early rest phase for the fish.

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