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hw ReMineral is an optimized combination of mineral salts, carbonate hardness, and overall hardness components, which are based on the natural model of most of the tropical waters. Hw-ReMineral® is extremely pure, absolutely free of phosphates and nitrites, and ensures that no undesired byproducts reach the aquarium water.

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hw®-ReMineral for the remineralization of reverse osmosis water and mineral-poor fresh water hw®-ReMineral is a precisely worked out composition and combination of mineral salts, carbonate hardness and total hardness formers, which is based on the natural model of most tropical waters. hw®-ReMineral is extremely pure, absolutely free of phosphates and nitrates and ensures that no unwanted by-products get into the aquarium water. Through applying hw®-ReMineral to the aquarium water not only an enrichment with minerals takes place, also the carbonate and total hardness of the water will be increased. By this way the total buffer capacity of the water will be restored and/or increased. The pH value is stabilized and the risk of a dangerous pH drop (acid drop) is reliably avoided. hw®-ReMineral supplies the water with all necessary hardness formers, minerals and alkaline earths in a highly pure form. hw®-ReMineral stabilizes the pH value and prevents deficiency symptoms. hw®-ReMineral enables the mineral content and conductance to be easily adjusted without affecting plant growth.Based on its composition, hw®-ReMineral creates the best conditions for a healthy biological balance in the aquarium. It favors the settlement of filter bacteria and thus improves the pollutant reduction in the aquarium. Possible deficiency symptoms due to the consumption of minerals, such as the occurrence of the hole disease caused thereby, are avoided and the healing process is initiated. Reverse osmosis water as well as other soft water becomes an ideal base for a appropriate husbandry conditions and successful breeding of all freshwater fish. Reverse osmosis or fully desalinated water prepared with hw®-ReMineral provides a much more natural total ion distribution for almost all tropical freshwater fish, than a normal tap water could ever offer. Instructions for use: Low mineralized water or desalinated water from R/O units or ion exchangers can be easily adapted to the needed water parameters for almost all kind of freshwater fishes and plants. Dissolve 1 level measuring spoon (or 10g) in 200 liters of water (1 measuring spoon = approx. 10 g hw®-ReMineral). With this dosage you can increase the carbonate hardness by approx. 0.6 ° dKH and the total water hardness by approx. 0.8 ° dGH. When dosing hw®-ReMineral, ensure that you have enough water circulation/movement so that a rapid dissolution is ensured.

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