Terms and Conditions

Ordering your fish for delivery

Orders for livestock or dry goods can be placed by contacting the shop on 01509550681/07860357586 or emailing us at gm@aquarium-fishltd.com or via our online shop.

Once your order is placed and payment is received we will be in contact as soon as possible in regards to a delivery date. Please not that deliveries are limited to week days only. DX do not offer a weekend service for the shipping of livestock.

The price for standard delivery is £30 for a total weight of 20 kilo, any parcel over this weight may be charged accordingly.

There may be a surcharge for areas outside of main land UK. If you would like a price for delivery to your area, please contact us with your postcode and we will happily send you a price for postage.

We will not ship some of the more sensitive fish out via a courier please contact us for more advice.

Orders will only be dispatched when full payment has been received.

Fish can only be reserved with full payment, and for a time period of approximately two weeks.

DOA Policy

All the fish will leave ours tanks in good health and packed accordingly for transit.

In the unlikely event of your livestock arriving dead, our DOA policy is as follows:

Photos of the fish, still sealed in the bag it was originally packaged in from g.m aquatics, must be sent to us  within 2 hours of delivery to the customer.

We will give the customer a refund or credit note for the value of the fish, as long as the above terms and conditions have been followed. The price of delivery and any cost for packing materials that may have been charged will not be refunded  and are at the expense of the customer.

In the event that a fish arrives DOA, and the customer would like a replacement fish, the customer must pay the delivery charge and the price of any packing materials for the replacement fish.

If a customer feels that a fish is unwell/struggling when the customer receives them, then we must be notified within 4 hours of arrival with pictures of the fish still sealed in the bag it was originally packaged in by G.M Aquatics so advice can be given from G.M  aquatics to the customer in the best and fastest way possible.

G.M Aquatics will only guarantee fish for live arrival, we cannot guarantee fish outside of the 4 hours arrival time. Therefor any loses after this time will be at the expense of the customer.

Some fish are sold by G. M Aquatics as a “Pair”, this means x1 male and x1 female fish. We will sex the fish to the best of our knowledge/ability. However we cannot 100% guarantee the sexes of the fish purchased.

When ordering livestock, the fish you receive may differ slightly from the picture shown. For example a slightly different pattern, colour etc.

Please to a little research into the fish prior to ordering, and make sure your fish are compatible with each other. G.M Aquatics cannot be held responsible if the “incorrect” mix of fish are chosen for an order. If you are unsure please contact for advice prior to ordering your fish.

Delivery and Introduction of New Fish

The best way to introduce your fish after overnight transit can vary depend on species of fish. Advice will happily be given to customers that are unsure of the correct way to introduce fish to an aquarium after overnight transit, just ask when you are placing your order.

Livestock packages are delivered between the hours of 9am and 12pm, please insure that you are available between these hours of delivery. In the event that you are not able to receive the fish, your parcel may be returned to G.M Aquatics, and no refund will be given.

If DX have failed to deliver the parcel by 12am, please contact  us, so we can track your parcel for you.

In the unfortunate event that your fish is dead on arrival, DO NOT dispose of any fish until instructed to by G.M aquatics


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